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The Material Of Automobile Radiator
Sep 20, 2017

There are two main types of car radiators: aluminum and copper, the former used in general passenger cars, the latter used in large commercial vehicles.

Automotive radiator materials and manufacturing technology developed rapidly. Aluminum radiator With its obvious advantages in lightweight materials, in the field of car and light vehicle gradually replace copper radiator, the copper radiator manufacturing technology and technology has developed rapidly, copper brazing radiator in the passenger car, engineering machinery, heavy truck and other engine radiator advantages obvious. Foreign car matching radiator is mostly aluminum radiator, mainly from the perspective of environmental protection (especially in Europe and the United States). In the European new car, the aluminum radiator occupies an average of 64%. From the perspective of the development of automobile radiator production in China, the aluminum radiator produced by hard brazing is increasing gradually. Brazing Copper Radiators are also used on buses, trucks and other engineering equipment.