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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Radiator And The Method Of Quality Identification
Sep 20, 2017

1, Aluminum Radiator: The main high-pressure cast aluminum and tensile aluminum alloy welding two kinds. Its main advantages are: aluminum heat dissipation is good, the characteristics of energy-saving is very obvious, in the same room, if the same specification of the radiator, aluminum cast the number of films than steel; aluminum corrosion resistance is good, do not add any additives.

2, cast iron radiator: old cast iron radiator because of its low pressure, large size, rough appearance, high energy consumption of many insurmountable disadvantages, will gradually be eliminated by the market. At present, the cast iron radiator industry to accelerate the development of new products, gradually developed a beautiful novel, energy-saving new products, cast iron radiator will be the new image market.

3, Steel Radiator: According to the main style is divided into two types of plate and column. Steel column radiator, with its rich color and beautiful appearance to win the love of many consumers. Choose the steel radiator to consider whether to match with the district heating system.