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Radiator Installation Note
Sep 20, 2017

Note One: The radiator in the installation, must be connected with the aluminum plastic pipe, can not bend, otherwise it will make the pipeline leaking, and each interface must be wrapped in hemp, the location of the interface and aluminum-plastic tube are at a level, so that can avoid leakage interface.

Note Two: A lot of material radiator installation will cause the operation of the imbalance, if the different materials of the radiator installed in one, will make a slight radiator surface damage or damage to the protective layer, and may cause leakage.

Note Three: Radiator installation location is also important, such as leather sofa wood furniture is not suitable for a long time of heating, and people can not be in the vicinity of the radiator for a long time, this will damage the human body.

Note Four: When installing a heavier radiator, be sure to install the bracket to support it.