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Maintenance And Repair Of Automobile Radiator
Sep 20, 2017

Radiator and water tank together as the car's radiator, on its material, is metal corrosion-resistant, so should avoid its and acid-base and other corrosive solution contact, in order to avoid damage. For the automobile radiator, the blockage is a very common fault, reduce the blockage of the occurrence, inside should inject soft water, hard water need to soften and then inject, lest produce scale caused the car radiator blockage. Winter weather is cold, the radiator is easy to freeze and swell, so you should add antifreeze to avoid water icing. In the daily use should be at any time to check the water level, to stop cooling after adding water. When adding water to the car radiator, the water tank lid should be opened slowly, the owner and other workers should be as far as possible away from the water inlet, so as to avoid high pressure high temperature oil and gas injection outlet caused by staff scald.