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Base Use And Maintenance Of Automobile Radiator
Sep 20, 2017

1, the radiator should not be with any acid, alkali or other corrosive properties of contact.

2, the suggestion uses the soft water, the hard water needs to soften the treatment after use, avoids causes the radiator internal blockage and the scale production.

3, the use of antifreeze, in order to avoid the corrosion of radiators, please be sure to use the regular manufacturers to produce and in line with national standards of long-lasting anti-rust antifreeze.

4, in the installation of the radiator process, please do not damage the loose tropical (film) and touch the radiator to ensure the ability to heat and seal.

5, the radiator in full water recharge, to first of all the engine cylinder water release switch, and then turn off, and then shut off, so as to avoid producing blisters.