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Radiator equipment Elements
Sep 20, 2017

1. See Material characteristics

Traditional heating radiator, cast iron radiator, plate radiator for its typical representative, this material radiator serious environmental pollution, low thermal efficiency, heat transfer slow, the appearance of rough, bulky;

2. Estimating Heat dissipation

A. Total area: To calculate the bedroom, living room, bathroom and other total area;

B. Number of Watts: generally in accordance with the 45-70 watt/square meters estimate, of course, according to their own housing conditions, the warmth of the appropriate adjustment, so as to calculate the total demand wattage;

C. Number: When choosing a radiator, you can consult the business of how much heat power each piece, and then figure out how many pieces you need.

3. Understand the heating system

General heating system has the following types: A, central heating B, there is family hot water Center C, power plant, such as waste heat heating D, open pressure-free boiler heating e, natural gas heating