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Performance evaluation Index of radiator
Sep 20, 2017

Thermal performance

The higher the heat transfer coefficient of the same material radiator, the better the thermal performance. Can be used to increase the outer wall heat dissipation area (Garne (rib) piece), improve the air flow around the radiator (such as steel series Radiator hood), Strengthen the radiator surface radiation intensity (such as external surface decoration with high radiation coefficient of paint) and reduce the radiator parts (such as steel series radiator steel and string) contact resistance measures to improve the thermal performance of radiators.

Economic indicators

The lower the cost of radiator unit heat dissipation (yuan W), the lower the installation cost, the longer the service life, the better the economy. The higher the metal thermal strength of the same material radiator (unit mass metal, the heat dissipation per 1 ℃ (/(Kg·℃))), the better the economic performance.